Environmental protection is the responsibility of politicians

Topic: Environment protection is the responsibility of politicians rather than individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is clear that recent bebate on whether governments should embrace all the issues of environment or individuals does not seen to com to an end any time soon. Although the responsibility of local politicians are considered vitally emportant, individuals’ contribution for that is far significant.

There are a number of reasons why governments in environment protection is crucial. First, since government can make laws, they can force all factories and heavy industries cut the amount of carbon. In fact, By rising carbon tax, business are discouraged to use rich-carbon fuels, such as coal or gas in manufactoring, to reduce producing cost, thus making them cut the amount of carbon emission into air in the long run. Second, in order to encourage people to use environmental friendly products, local officials can run campaigns. This means that the campaigns can emphasize detrimental impacts to plastic bags and offer green alternative, like paper bags, which is not only conductive to the environment but also to human’s health now and down the road.

Nevertheles, protecting environment of individuals should not be consider lightly. First, individuals collectively make a sizeable possitive change. For example, by reducing 2% of electricity every month, every family can help the government cut the amount of fossil fuels in generating electricity nationally, which directly reduces the risk of enviromental contamination from energy extraction from drilling and mining sites. Second, individuals collectively can affect to business. To be more specific, people can refuse to buy products from irresponsible companies to environment for their production, thus making them more aware for enviromental protection if they want sales and profits from support of local people.

In conclusion, actively protecting environment is considered as a top priority given high urgency. Government and individuals should take steps to keep the living space green and friendly.

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