IELTS Speaking: Describe a famous actor who you like most

Describe a famous actor who you like most.

You should say:

who he/she is

what he/she does

what his/her personality is like

and explain how you like him/her

Today, I am gonna tell you about a well-known actor, a strong cast in the world. His name is Mr. Bean.

3 years ago, after “working against the clock”, I decided to find something entertaining and I came aross his videos. At that time, I couldn’t help but laught.

Recently, I have watched his movies, a type of spy movie like James Bond. But he was useless at everything so the movie is very hilarious and funny. To be honest, I laughted hysterically. Talk about the reasons why I am a big fan of this comic actor. He is ridiculous and loveable at the same time. He gets troubles at every normal situations everyday, although he had the best intention for everthing. Other than that, in his movie, he doesn’t talk much but he is funny because his facial expressions and body movements.

Whenever I get down in the dumb. I often watch his funny videos to get my hair down. Other than that, I could treat my eyes with the lanscape of London and enjoy the culture of England in daily life.

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