IELTS Speaking: Describe a time of the day you like

Describe a time of the day you like

You should say:

What time of day it is

What do you do at that time

Who are you usually with

Explain why you like it

Well actually, I don’t know about other people, but personally, the evening time from 6pm to 10 pm is the most comfortable time which I like best.

I have some buddies, after a hard-working day, we usually have a chat over drink and catch up the news or sometimes we just watch the box in some of my friend’s home and have some snacks. On weekends, this is the time, my girlfriend and I often eat out together at our favourite restaurants or hit to the cinema in the evenning time. I would say that It is always a good time for us to lounge about.

On top of that, HCM city is a hetic area. In that moment, the pace of life is very vibrant with entertaining areas such as Bars, bubs, Karaoke clubs you name it. You’ll never get bored.

You know, I do a nine to five grind, Sometimes It is very boring, but sometimes, I get exhausted by somethings like deadline or customers. So this is the time, I take part in exercise such as playing football with my collegues or joing the Yoga class. I often feel extremely relaxed anf full of beans after that time.

I get a little annoyed by somethings like car horns, traffic jams and crowded people. But when I come back home. I have a lot of time to let off some steam.

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