IELTS Speaking: Describe your favourite Restaurant

Describe your favourite Restaurant

You should say:

where it is

what it looks like inside and outside

what kinds of foods they serve

Explain what makes this restaurant so special to you and others.

Today I would like to tell you about my favourite go-tos for food. This is a Japanese restaurant, specialising on Sushi. The restaurant is called “Tokio Deli” which is located on a bustling street in SG.

2 years ago, one of my friends introduced me this place. It lelf a good impression on me in the fisrt time I came there.

The restaurant offers many kinds of sushi, a traditional Japanese cuisine. Sushi is extremely nutricous and scrumptious. It is high in fiber and low in cholesteral. the gredients include vegestables, rice, seaweed and salmon. You will have a balance diet with this food.

When it comes to the atmosphere. You can feel it at home. Because it is comfy and cozy as opposed to the modern restaurant. the decoration in Tokio Deli is nostalgic. So you will feel comfortable when enjoying foods there.

Needless to say, the staff is very attentive, thoughtfull, approachable.

As i told you that Tokio Deli is my favourite restaurent so I often go there on the weekends. The price is reasonable and all in all. I highly recommend you should try one.


New Vocabulary:

Go-tos: Nơi hay lui tới

Comfy and cozy: Thoải mái và ấm cúng

Approachable: dễ gần

As opposed to: Ngược với

All in all: Nhìn chung là

Bình luận

Gợi ý cho bạn

Mới nhất