IELTS Speaking: What is your water sport that you like best?

Today I’m gonna tell you about swimming which I learned when I was in high school.

In that summer vacation, my family took a trip to Nha Trang cityto let off some steem and took part in outdoor activities on the beach. But at that time I was sad because you know I couldn’t swim. I had a fear of water. So my father dicided to tech me this skill.

He tought me how to warm up before going swimming, How to breath in the right way, breath in and on water. You know with his patient and encouragement, I overcame the fear of water and started swimming. He also taught me some basic swimming strokes such as butterfly stroke and backstroke.

I would tell you the reason why swimming is sport that I like best. This is a good way to help to reduce the wear and tear of your body as well as build tenacity. In addition, it is a survival skill so it is very important to master.


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