IELTS Writing: Discuss about the role of robots in societies

Some people believe that robots will play an important role in future societies, while others argue that robots might have negative effects on society.

Discuss about both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, the use of robots has been recieving great deal of public attention due to its outstanding functions. Although the present of robots is not without advantages in the modern life, the disadvantages will justify these.

On the one hand, robot industry bring both companies and individuals a number of undoubted merits. First, companies using robots as the main drive of boosting the productivity in many aspects can soar their profit. This might be explain by that robots get unual works done faster than human do. Second, the performance of robots toward risky anf heavy tasks for human such as planetary exploration and coal mining is expectation and become necessary. Obviously, the nature of dangerous jobs can push people to fatal situations. In addition, thanks to these modern equipments, Housewives may be exempt from home-work time as they spare no efforts for household chores and thus spend more time in their private lives. We can see through the fact that robotic machines can do tedious household works form vacuuming to mopping.

On the other hand, there are a lot of disadvantages in this trend need to be taken into account. the first concern is the growing unemployment rate which is considered unavoidble. There is no deny that robots better perform in many industries, espectially in labor-intensive industries, resulting in jobless and layoffs in society. The consequences are increased social problems such as poverty and crime. Not to mention, the use of robots can put human in danger once they are malfunctioning or designed for war.

In conclusion, with all the convincing arguments above, it seems to me that the pros of over exploiting the robot is eclipsed by considerable cons.

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