IELTS Writing: Some say that sports play an important role in society

IELTS Writing: Some say that sports play an important role in society

Some say that sports play an important role in society. Others think it is nothing more than a leisure activity. Do you agree or disagree?

It is true that sport plays an integral part in our lives. Although many people believe that the practice of sport only bring recreational values, sport is far more than a luxury or a form of entertainment.

Sport has always been the exercise to foster individual physical and mental development. First, by regularly doing sports, either outdoor or indoor ones, people can maintain their health. In fact, sports activities, such as gym and jogging, can enhance metapolism of the body and strengthen immune system, thus making people prevent deseases and lower risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Second, sport can help people build social skills. For example, athletes are required to have strong team spirit, effective cooperation and respect when playing team sports, which is not only conductive to their working skills in a larger context like workplace, but also makes them get socialised.

In addition, it is true that sport is also of great benefits to society. First, sport and physical activities are one of the most cost-effective form of preventative medicine. This means that participation in sports can help people lead to long and healthy lives, resulting in the potential to dramatically cut healthcare cost of a nation. Second, sport is considered as an international language in the way that cross boundaries and break down barriers. For example, Olympic opens the door for everyone, not only athletes but also global citizens, to show their potriotism by passionately cheering up their team and to gain deeper understanding the culture of every host country.

In conclusion, sport makes significant contributions to both people and society. By acknowledging its important role, government can find ways to promote this activity to their people.

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