It is imposible to help all people in the world

It is impossible to help all people in the world, so governments should only focus on people in their own countries.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that support all people around the globe is not feasible for a nation. In my view, although the domestic citizens must be served first, the government should help people in neighbor countries within their capability.

On the one hand, it is natural for the government serve its own people. First, people distribute their money to create the nation budget. In fact, in the national development, the goverment must invest in many key fields such as economy, health care and education by collecting taxes from citizens. Second, people have also contributed in the protection peacefulness of a nation. For example, every year, a number of male citizens have to perform in the army compulsory military service as the national security protection.

On the other hand, the governments are likely to reap a multitude of benefits from the assistance to other countries. First, a nation might tighten good relationships with many countries around the world to bring a heap of advantages from commercial and political cooperation. Taking the trade war between China and the United states for example, we can see that the United states has more advantages than China thanks to the support from their allied countries. Second, helping neighbor countries to reduce illegal immigration from less developed countries. This means that people from undeveloped areas tend to travel to developed ones illegally to make a living, which causes burden on goverment as well as political unrest from immigrants.

In conclusion, it is difficult to help all people around the world and local residents must be served first. However, support other countries should be encouraged to bring significant benefits.

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