Museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourist

Museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourist, not the local people. Why is this so? What could be done to ecourage more local visitors?

In recent years, many museums and historical locations have been receiving a great deal of tourist’s attractions instead of indigenous people. There are some main reasons for this issue and several feasible solutions increasing the interest of native passengers to such places.

There are a number of causes why local people are not interested in museums and historical sites. First, the locals seem to be familiar with their traditional customs and history. To be more specific, to go to such places, we need to pay the entrance cost and people would not pay amount of money to see what they have already known. Second, the design of museums and historical sites almost have remained unchanged throughout decades, which can be visually unattractive to local residents who have been there at least once in the earlier years. However, these places always evoke curiosity of tourists during the first trip.

Nevertheless, some potential solutions can be taken into account to address this problem. Serving for education and entertainment purposes in these such places should be encouraged. For excample, schools can organize some field trips to museums anf historical sites for their students to understand deeper local cuture and customs. In addition, more recreationcal activities such as game rooms and intellectual contests would increase a number of the locals who come to enjoy their time. Second, the layout of these such spots might be innovated every year with more decorations and ornate designs of the interior, not only tourists but also more local visitors will come.

In conclusion, there are some obvious causes for the disnterest of the locals in spending their time in nearby museums and historical places as mentioned. However, some solutions above may be implemented in boosting visitors to such places

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