Should parents be made by law to immunize their children against diseases

Many childhood diseases can now be prevented through the use of vaccines. Should parents be made by law to imminize their children against common deseases or should individuals have the night to choose not to immunize their children.

It is true that vanccines are one of the greatest medical archievement of modern civilisation as it has successfully preveting dreaded diseases which are very common on children. Although imminisation mandatory can protect children from common diseases, a voluntary decision of parent should be paid much more attention.

On the one hand, compulsory immunisation of children against common diseases is of vital importance. First, obligated immunisation under law should be made to save children’s lives. In fact, by taking vaccination, children can avoid deadly diseases, such as measles or tetanus, which is also of great benefits to children themselves and their families. Second, law enforcement contributes to reducing initial hesitasion and procrastination of parents to this subject. This means many working parents fail to send their kids to medical centers for vaccination and that policy would save money and effort for both the government and families as the preventing is better than cure in terms of medical fees.

On the other hand, vaccines may have potentially harmful effects on human body. Parents do have the right to decide whether their kids get involved. First, Vaccines may have side-effects to children. In fact, plenty of evidence suggests that children potentially suffer autism after taking vaccination which is also of detrimental impact to mental well-being after one. Second, parents can seek other better options instead of follow by taking vaccination. For example, children can be encouraged to have healthy diets, which can strenthen immune system to fight against bacteria and viruses.

In conclusion, although the law enforcing vaccination of children has several long-lasting benefits on the society, parents’ right to this subject should be more considered. Depending on the circumstances of families, parents should gain knowledge of this subject to have the best approach for their children.

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