Why people do not have such a close relationship with their neighbours

In general, people do not have such a close relationship with their neighbours as they did in the past. Why is this so and what can be done to improve contact between neighbours?

In recent years, the fast pace of life has widen the gap of relationships between people and their neighbors. Although this trend can reduce social cohesion, some workable solutions can be implemented to mitigate this.

There are a whole host of reasons why the ralationships are not the same previous generations did. First, Since people are getting busy in the modern life, they have no time to have a for their relationships. In fact, living in the corporate world, many people are required to work for longer time or they are willing to work extra, to order to cover their daily fees and enhence the quality of life, which make them do not have time to have a talk with those living next doors. Second, living in the fragmented society means people tend to value their privacy than the previous generations did. This means that most workers choose to enjoy their space to lounge about after hard-working day rather than meet up with their neighbors for a talk, which is also a way to respect their own and others’ privacy.

There are several solutions that help neighbors become more friendly to each other. First, local authorities should be built more common areas where people can gather. In fact, more parks are instructed that can bring more green space for residents to relax and meet others, promoting more conversations between them and helping them avoid being isolated. Second, reducing working time is a feasible solution. To be more specific, If workers do not work extra, they will have more energy and time, thus becoming socialize and open-minded to others, not only their neighbors but also their friends.

In conclusion, since the modern life makes people become more busy on earning money to cover daily basic needs, people have no time to regard their neighbors. By supporting from local authorities with a variety of solutions, this trend will positively change in the coming time.

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